The American Business Women’s Association was created because women need an environment where they can come together and pursue opportunities. ABWA provides the framework so you can focus and define your aspirations, with the support of others.

ABWA provides you with a safe haven to build and practice skills such as public speaking and team building and provides an organization where you can grow as a leader. As your confidence builds, you’ll soon be applying your new knowledge in your workplace or in your job search. ABWA is the only professional development organization for women offering a powerful online communication tool, Community Connections, where you will can communicate with business women across the country. In addition, you’ll have access to unsurpassed educational opportunities such as:

  • Regular MBA-level coursework prepared exclusively for ABWA members by business professors from the University of Kansas.
  • College-level leadership training courses offered by instructors from Park University.
  • Regional and national conferences where you will meet many proven business leaders who are ready to impart their lessons to you directly.


Annual membership dues for ABWA South Shore include:

  • $115 National ABWA membership
  • $25 ABWA South Shore membership

To join, please fill out the membership form located in the Membership Brochure and send it to or simply fill out the Contact Us form.